Mario F Bocanegra M

Graphic/motion Designer+Educator

Born in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. Mex.
As an educator, I strive to guide my students through the discipline of graphic design as a way to organize complex ideas with visual form, imagery, and textual content. My goal is to properly assist each student, open their minds to be inspired by everything around them, and expand their possibilities to create clear, powerful, and beautiful solutions capable of informing and delighting a specific audience.

My current research analyzes the diverse vernacular of the moving image as a strategy to develop fresh perspectives on visual aesthetics, emotion, and alternative narrative modes. My creative process consists of selecting objects with transparent, reflective, and porous qualities, which serve as agents to modulate and activate light in front of the camera. This intuitive process leads me to work with poetic footage language.


Publications such as Graphis Design Annual, Creative Quarterly Journal, GDUSA Magazine, Magazine. 


2016-19  Oklahoma State University / MFA, Graphic Design
2013-16  Oklahoma State University / BFA, Graphic Design
2008-13 Tulsa Community College / AAS, Web Design & AAS, Liberal Arts
2007-08  Tulsa Technology Center / Web Design Certification


2022-p Auburn University / Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Instructor of Record:
Graphic Design 1, Image 2, Photo Communications, Typographics 1.

2019-21 Eastern New Mexico University / Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
Instructor of Record:
Design 1, Digital Media, Motion Design 1 & 2, Web Design 1 & 2, Graphic Design 1, Typography 1.

2016-19 Oklahoma State University / Graduate Teaching Assistant
Instructor of Record:
Motion Design 1, Graphic Design 1.
Courses as TA:
Motion Design Studio, Interaction Design 1.

Full CV upon request.

mariofbm [at] auburn . edu
Graphic/Motion Designer + educator Based in auburn, ALabama