Auburn University |  Showcase 2023: Layered Landscape

Print/Moving poster
Creative scholarship

2022— Honorable Mention. Category: 33b. Integrated - Campaign. UCDA Design Awards.

* Event postponed until further notice.
tv graphics/announcement
Augmented Reality
animated Poster

The Auburn University showcase is an exhibition of faculty and student creative scholarship, featuring individual, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary work in the fields of arts, design, performing arts, and other areas of creative research and scholarship.

Auburn University |  Photo Communications Summer 2022 Course Poster

Augmented Reality animated Poster
Motion design

Creative scholarship

2022— Excellence Award. Category: 5c. Recruitment. Part of UCDA’s Design Awards Show for 2022 & permanent design collection archives.

Lemon Pepper

Logo design
social media ads
menu design
pro bono

Lemon Pepper is a small Mexican restaurant based in Veracruz, Mexico. This project was developed during the hard months of the Covid-19 pandemic. In collaboration with Karen Chiñas, owner and young entrepreneur—we designed this small identity system as a way to support her local business.

Eastern New Mexico University | College of Arts Z-Fold Poster/Brochure

Recruitment poster/brochure  for ENMU’s Graphic Design & Visual Arts program.

Intentional Exposure: Exhibition Catalogue

Under the direction of Dr. Louise Siddons, Oklahoma State University students enrolled in the History of Photography and Museum Exhibitions course have carefully curated and selected the photographs in this collaborative show. All are drawn from the permanent collection of photography at the Oklahoma State University Museum of Art, and most were on display for the first time. The exhibition highlights donations from Robert Flynn Johnson, who has been a donor to the university since 2011. —p.17 excerpt
Exhibition typography
In collaboration with Riva Nayaju and Do Kim— we designed the exhibition’s catalogue and typography for text panels and exhibition title .  
Graphic/Motion Designer + educator Based in auburn, ALabama