Concrete Poem Posters

Poster series
Expressive type
Concrete, pattern, or shape poetry is an arrangement of linguistic elements in which the typographical effect is more important in conveying meaning than verbal significance. It is sometimes referred to as visual poetry, a term that has now developed a distinct meaning of its own.

This project was part of my first year as a graduate student at Oklahoma State University. We were given liberty to modify a quote by introducing different words. For my project, I made modifications to a quote from Dr. Oliver Sacks, a British neurologist. Once the quote was modified, I visually represented meaning and emotion through letterforms.

Primary font : Bodoni

Concrete Poem Spreads

This is the continuation of the Concrete Poem Posters project. This project was also part of my first year as a graduate student at Oklahoma State University. We were given the liberty to choose a poem or a quote to modify and introduce different words. As a result, these modifications switched the meaning of the original poem/quote. I decided to borrow a long quote from Dr. Oliver Sacks. Once the quote was transformed, we had to visually represent meaning and emotion through a preferred method of image making. The final deliverable were three distinct booklets showcasing our results.

Reader : MFA Graduate Review 2017-18

This reader documents my design praxis from two graduate classes: Graphic Design Theory and Graphic Design Special Topics. The paperback book counting 65 pages is a home for essays, notes, research proposals, a book review, and analytical responses to topics of my interest.

The heart of the writing is propelled by other writers such as Steve McCarthy with his book Designer As and Kyna Leski with her book The Storm of Creativity. These books helped me understand my role as a graphic designer and the importance of being open to discoveries and surprises within my creative process. For MacCarthy, I wrote a series of responses to four of his chapters. In the same manner, I wrote a review for Leski’s book, while experimenting with abstract footage as a visual response to her book title and content. Added to that, I had the pleasure to continue practicing my research skills in the Special Topics class, with topics related to immigration, internet of things, facial recognition, and speech editing software.

Urban Interactions

Reflective writing
This collection of writings makes new perspectives on interaction design. This idea emerged in Downtown Tulsa— an environment that I once thought as a familiar place, before discovering that the common can be new and surprising. My daily journeys through Downtown Tulsa began with evening walks— intending to find interactions embedded in walking, collecting, observing, listening, and capturing urban textures as the visual evidence of my walks. The materials that I am gathering are decaying, passive, and unnoticed by many. The goal of this gathering was to make further use of images through a series of form studies.

Graphic Designer Based in Portales, NM