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This course is an introduction, in-depth exploration of  many facets and functions that exist within the ever expanding scope of Motion Design. This includes, but is not limited to; animation, kinetic typography, basic motion principles, composition, timing, storyboarding, planning, sound and music synchronization. This course explores the importance of the design process, concept development, and application of class demos— as well as the function Motion Design plays in shaping meaning and contributing to visual culture.

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Title Sequence

Research a historical figure and design an opening title sequence for a fictional film about this unique person.

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Radiolab Promo

“This promo is a surreal visualization of various podcasts from Radiolab. Each podcast talks about a different subject every time so each podcast is unique in it own way. Similarly, in the promo, each "world" is related to a specific podcast. In this promo I dramatically increased my knowledge of working in 3D space, working with cameras, and how to rotoscope in After Effects. I learned the importance of perspective and where objects should be to further emphasize depth perception." —Gerardo Rodriguez, student ︎

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TV channel/Network Package

Students pitched ideas to rethink the graphics for an existing TV channel or network. Concepts emerged from an in-depth understanding of the overall style of the TV channel/network.

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Kinetic Typography

15-60 second motion graphics piece, featuring kinetic typography synchronized to a poem being recited or a short movie quote.

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