WEB DESIGN 1 ︎︎︎ 2 

 Eastern New Mexico University
Web Design one and two are structured as studio courses to encourage students to think of the classroom as a collaborative space. In this course, students practice a wide range of design methodologies with an emphasis placed on the quality of ideas and the ability to give form to any type of web-based concept. Students explore basic and advanced principles utilizing app and web standards. Technical skills are refined through Adobe XD as the platform to design high-fidelity prototypes.

Event Identity System

This project engages students in a semester-long design experience that centers on the development of an identity system extended into a broad scope of interactive formats: Logo, Website, Mobile Event Tickets and Animated Posters

Web Design 2
Animated posters series and mobile event tickets:

United Juntos is a convention specifically for Mexican immigrants. This convention is to aid those with any questions related to immigration for free, provide resources to those who want to help others, as well as inform and debunk any misconceptions related to immigration.” — Gerardo Rodriguez, student ︎

YAM Theater Desktop/Mobile Website

Students prototyped a responsive website for one of New Mexico's cinema treasures— The YAM Theater. This web proposal envisions what the YAM Theater might be like after renovation and reopening.

Web Design 2

Hybrid App

Students researched and analyzed a variety of free apps based on a single topic of interest. The research yielded the production/proposal of a hybrid app that integrates only the best features based on usability testing. This project served as an introduction to Adobe XD and exploration of principles for screen-based design.

Web Design 1

History of____? 

Students prototyped  a webpage that visually explained the process or history of  a specific topic.
Web Design 1
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