Kaleidoscope : Auburn Design Show

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2024— Winner. 61st Anniversary Graphic Design USA Inhouse Design Awards. International.

The Greek origins of the word Kaleidoscope—"kalos" (beautiful), "eidos" (form), and "scope" (to look or examine)—allowed us to experiment and inspire a dynamic visual language for the inaugural Auburn student design show.

The bright green and plus glyph are at the heart of the identity. The "kalos-green" embodies the learning journey of our student’s creative energy, growth, and innovation. The plus is a staple mark of our school. To amplify its role and conceptual connection to the show, the plus dynamically extrudes and moves in various directions, much like the continuous form transformations when looking through a kaleidoscope—echoing the creative process, where ideas evolve and expand in multiple dimensions. The kinetic plus resembles the fluid nature of design, where each perspective offers new and intriguing patterns, leading to unexpected and beautiful outcomes.

Font in use ::: Davis Sans.
Kalos green ::: Pantone 389C (Lee Clark).
main Promo video
In Spring 2024 I teamed with 3 graphic design professors and 2 indrustiral design professots to help organize and design the identity for the first school-wide design show. This event featured new designs from the Spring semester at all levels of the graphic and industrial design programs. All the studios in Wallace Hall were transformed into exhibition spaces. In each studio, all professors, support staff, and students worked together to arrange the best student artwork, ensuring that the venue was filled with creativity and professionalism.
Event program and lanyard design: Courtney Windham, GDes.

Web design: Devon Ward, GDes.

Sticker design: Lee Clark, GDes.

Wayfinding design: Jerrod Windham, InDust.

Award design: Zach Kohrman, InDust.

mariofbm [at] auburn . edu
Graphic/Motion Designer + educator Based in auburn, ALabama